lucia 6.3.20

We were climbing under the log and over the rocks. We finally got to the water hole it was amazing.
We jumped in and we took no notice of the sign. It said "Danger! All of a sudden something jumped out of the water.  We rushed out of the water and we rushed back under the log and over the rocks.  The crocodile chased after us. We could hear the roaring of his teeth chomping together furiously, but a couple of minutes later it started to rain.  We could not run much further, then we jumped into the van and finally, we were safe.


  1. Thank goodness you were safe. Your story had me in suspense. Crocodile teeth chomping gives me the shivers.

  2. Love your active words you must of been scared like mad! From Oliver Allen

  3. I love that you put in so much detail.

    from kate


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