Ellie-Marie 6 March

One afternoon Indy and I walked through a bushwalk to get to a huge watering hole. We took no notice of the sign that said 'Beware croc-infested water'. Indy and I swam around for a while suddenly we felt something under our feet we saw bubbles then ripples. So we swam like lightning out of the hole, dried off and sprinted back home. Then we turned around to see a huge green croc chasing us. It chased us all over town. When it chased us through the playground, I tripped over on my arm and broke my arm.


  1. Great story and love your expressive words . Well done

  2. I can imagine how scared you would have been!

  3. Fantastic creative writing Ellie-Marie. I love your choice of descriptive words.

  4. The broke arm part is scary, but i love it keep it up. From Oliver Allen.


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