claudia 6 march

One night l was in my family car with my family. Then my dad saw a sign that said duck crossing. We took no notice of the sign and we just went on. Later we heard a thud we pulled over and put in park then hop out and look we hit a duck. Let's go quickly and when we got home dad said "go to bed," we said "ok".The next morning dad was all happy and nice same as mum. When it was 11:00 o'clock we went out again and got an ice-cream and had a long drive home.


  1. Good story Claudia.. Hope the ice cream was good. Well done

  2. I like you speech marks Claudia.

  3. I love your speech marks too Claudia and I love the part about ice cream.

  4. I loved how you used time in your story i hope the ice cream was good keep it up Claudia. From Oliver Allen


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