Ariannah 6.3.20

At 9:30am my family jumped into the car. We were driving to the pond. We finally made it to the destination but there was one thing, we took no notice of the sign ahead. It had said 'Beware crocodiles in the pond' No go!' but we said"Crocodiles don't exist anymore so it's obviously safe. but it wasn't. So we ignored the sign and jumped into the pond. But then we felt scared because we saw something green so we hopped out and we saw it was a crocodile! So we ran to the car so fast.


  1. Ooh I am scared of crocodiles... glad you safe xxx good story

  2. Cool story Ariannah. And ‘destination’ a perfect word to use in your writing. Well done.

  3. destination and obviously are really good descriptive words to use in your writing. good job Ariannah keep it up. From Oliver Allen


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