Abi 6.3.20

The sun was hot .We got to the beach."It's a hot day" said Jack.
''I'm going to the shop to get some ice-cream.Does any body
want one ''yes'' said Jack .''Yes'' Alex .''Yes'' said  Wade. "Delicious ice cream", said Alex, "lets go swimming".  "Oh those waves are big" said Wade.  The sign said No swimming! Sharks! but we took no notice of the sign. Wade was bitten.  "Swim away!" I shouted, "Sharks!" Finally we got to hospital and Wade got his arm fixed.


  1. Wow my sweetie what a exciting story.. I love your punctuation and glad wade got his arm fixed

  2. Amazing punctuation Abi and what a great story. I’m glad you enjoyed the ice cream before the hospital visit.


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